With so few commercial type foundries left in the world the availability of metal type is becoming increasingly expensive & difficult to find. Many shops must either rely on printing from plates or on randomly found faces of worn out type which often has limited or missing characters. For our job work, we often print from photoengraved plates, but for our book work, we always print from metal type. The ability to have enough fresh type on hand for book projects allows us to do work we couldn't otherwise afford to do.

We are very fortunate to be pals with Jim (I-can-fix-anything) Rimmer, the renowned letterpress printer, linoleum-cut illustrator, typedesigner & typecaster extraordinaire. In early 1995, Jim told us about a monotype caster being retired from the Boys Technical College in Michigan. With Jim's encouragement & generous promise of ongoing assistance, we decided to purchase it. In the summer of 1995, Chris attended the first annual Monotype University hosted by Rich Hopkins & co-taught with Paul Hayden Duensing. Rich, Paul, Chris & four other students worked from 9am until midnight for 5 days in 90° weather. The whole time exclaiming, "What fun!" Shortly after that, Tom Taylor, of the sadly now defunct periodical Bookways, offered us an unbelievably good deal on his excess typefoundry equipment. We ended up flying to Austin Texas & returning with a 35 foot trailer very full with what has become our typefoundry.

At this point, we have 2 American composition casters, 1 English comp caster, 1 Orphan Annie, 1 Thompson, 1 Material Maker, 1 Giant Caster, & several keyboards, all in various states of repair & resurrection. Our type library consists of nearly 1000 mat cases. We have cast type for over 15 books & chapbooks, several broadsides & numerous other smaller projects. Occasionally we offer composition typecasting & we've filled type cases for a handful of local letterpress printers.

Typecasting Services

If you are local to the Puget Sound area & are interested in composition casting or in purchasing a full case of type, please inquire.

Sorry, but we do not have a shipping department staff so we cannot offer to package & ship type outside the local area. We do not sell fonts of metal type. Please contact M&H Typefoundry.
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