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"TypeCon Port L'ampersand"
by John D. Berry ~ Easily Amused: John D. Berry’s Blog ~ September 19, 2013

"Technological wonders Computers' unlikely mechanical antecedents"
The Economist ~ May 6th 2011

"The Work of Chris Stern"
by John D. Berry ~ Easily Amused: John D. Berry’s Blog ~ June 2nd, 2008

"Stern Pro"
by Jim Rimmer ~ P22 Type Foundry ~ 2008

"In Memoriam: Chris Stern"
by Jim Rimmer ~ Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association ~ No. 13, August 2007

"In Memory of Chris Stern"
posted by the Alcuin Society ~ July 21, 2007

"A Boy and His Type:
The Typographic Art of Christopher Stern
by Amy Redmond ~Interrobang ~ Summer 2007

"Artist Christopher Stern had a passion for perfection"
by Haley Edwards ~The Seattle Times ~ January 11, 2007

"Third Place Books honors visiting authors with a bonus -- a letterpress 'broadside"
by John Marshall ~The Seattle Post Intelligencer ~ May 22, 2006

"Letterpress Mounts Counter-Swing"
~ pishtush.com ~ March 10, 2004

"Letterpress in the Digital Age"
by John Berry ~ CreativePro.com ~ March 1, 2004

"The Penland Book of Handmade Books" pg.64-65
edited by Jane LaFerla, Veronika Alice Gunter ~ Lark Books ~ 2004

"Creative Gifts for Creative People:
The 2003 Holiday Gift Guide
by John Berry et al ~ CreativePro.com ~ December 9, 2003

"Artists Without Authors: The Wordless Novels of Helena Bochorakova, Babette Katz, Barabara Henry, and Jules Remedios Faye"
by David A. Beronä ~ The California Printmaker: The Journal of the California Society of Printmakers ~ 2002

"By Hand or by Sea"
by Scott Holter ~ Metropolitan Living ~ June 2000

"Bookfest '99: Where Literature and Art Meet"
by Peter Kelley ~ Skagit Valley Herald ~ November 11, 1999

"Dedicated Type, the Story of a Really Small Press"
by Paula Gilovich ~ The Stranger ~ June 17, 1999

"For the Love of Books: Former Seattle duo make books by hand"
by Peter Kelley ~ Skagit Valley Herald ~ October 22, 1998

"The Printing Farm"
by Margaret Richardson ~ U&lc ~ Volume 25, No. 2 ~ Fall 1998

Reviews of Our Books

The Only Time We Have, by Samuel Green

Excerpts From a Family Medical Dictionary, by Rebecca Brown

The Lost Twin, by Peter Pereira

The Mechanical Dreamer, by Jules Remedios Faye

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