Grey Spider Press

Entranced by type, and more specifically the beauty of letterpress printing, Chris founded the Grey Spider Press in 1986 in order to pursue private interests in typography, printing and hand bookmaking. Grey Spider Press became the literary fine press publishing wing of the work that Jules and Chris did together. Just as in earlier eras, we acted as book designer, compositor, editor, proofreader, printer, publisher & bookseller as well as bookbinder and occasional illustrator. All Grey Spider books are letterpress printed using metal types on acid-free archival materials to ensure that longevity & durability is never compromised. We aspire to publish well-crafted books of poetry, engaging essays & fine short stories for booklovers & literary connoisseurs to enjoy. Descriptions of available titles can be seen in the Gallery.

Street of Crocodiles

Jules began production on the first book title issued by the Street of Crocodiles in 1990. Her press name was inspired by the fantastic literary imagination & dark erotic vision of writer Bruno Schulz who perished in the Drohobycz ghetto in Poland during WWII. Much of the work of the Street of Crocodiles is Jules' own writing and linoleum-cut illustrations, often inspired by early 20th-century woodcut novels. Jules hopes that the books and ephemera produced under the sign of the Street of Crocodiles evokes some of the dark beauty & ardor of its namesake. Descriptions of available titles can be seen in the Gallery.

Submission policy

We are not presently accepting manuscript submissions.
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